“The Power to Touch the World,” from the Forward by Dr. John Holland.

Larry Neville begins this important work with a definition of connectivity. Throughout the entire book, he expounds on the need for connectivity and reiterates the importance of this in the body of Christ, particularly in Praise Chapel Christian Fellowship.

He implores us to be connected to one another, just as a family is connected and through that bond, we will reproduce ourselves.
He points out that Praise Chapel is a “Family of Fellowships” within which the most important structure exists.

This structure is the hope for the church to preserve the dynamics of the revival which the Lord so graciously has given this body of believers.

As you meditate on the labor of the author, you will understand how difficult it is to put into words the spiritual life force of the Kingdom of Christ as experienced by Praise Chapel and its congregations; the effort required to reproduce pastors who understand their spiritual heritage, traditions, rituals, ceremonies and trends.

The author identifies the principles that have been distilled into the life force of Praise Chapel Christian Fellowship as “drivers” (note the action word used).

They are the “core values” or the “foundational beliefs” of this rapidly reproducing movement. Pastor Neville identifies these as “God is Seeking For a ‘Someone,’” “We Are Pentecostal,” “Radical Evangelism,” “Discipleship,” “The Local Church,” “Fellowship” and “World Missions.”

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