Disciple Makers

“A Mandate for all Christ Followers”

Discipleship is the very foundation of this movement. We are a disciple making and church planting Family of Fellowships. As a result, we are experiencing great blessing and multiplication of souls.  Workers and leaders are being raised up and churches are multiplying in a New Testament pattern.

This book will give you a clear understanding of how Praise Chapel views Disciple Making.

It is not about a few people getting together and sharing. Disciple Making is a “Spiritual Impartation.”

“We understand that his strategy was never to gather a crowd – but always to make disciples. Over two thousand years later we can see that his strategy of disciple making was brilliant. His church has survived and


flourished through the centuries because of disciple makers. The crowds have always left him in times of persecution and distress. It is disciples who have carried the precious message of salvation to generation after generation. Great spiritual men and women of God have come and gone. Gospel movements have risen and shaken each generation.  Great institutions, cathedrals and churches have been built in his Name.  At the end of the day – disciple making is what has moved through the generations to impart the gospel to a new day and a new people.  When a church, no matter how glorious and successful it appeared to be, failed to make disciples, the next generation was lost.”

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